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Inculcating a sense of Imagination

National Institute of Entertainment Technology Center (NIETC) is a unique Finishing School of having the Industry based Production & Development track record of over two decades from its key promoter Mediateck. NIETC is focused into the skill development platform with a specific role in Media and Entertainment Industry.

  • NIETC is a skill development division of Mediateck ’I’ Solutions Pvtd. Ltd. who have a track record of over two decades in producing a gamut of creative and engaing contents for wide range of industries from start-ups to Engineering, Education, Entertainment, FMCG which includes some of the reputed companies like JSW, ITC, Infosys, Azeem Premji Foundation, Zee Tele Fims, FOSROC to name a few
  • Mediateck’s creative branding group consists of marketing professionals as well as creative minds who are dedicated to re-focus on brand to boost your market share and improve your bottom-line..

The four core principles of NIETC

Learner Coverage

Curriculum designed for both entry-level & working professionals.

Theory & Practice

An intensive and immersive training program based on theory, knowledge and applied practice with finishing school.

Learn from the Best

Training facilitation with best of breed industry experts sourced across the Animation pipeline.

Flexible Learning

Online, Blended and Instructor-led training programs are available in both short and long duration formats.

Mission Statement

Enable, Empower & Educate Creative Minds to fulfil their artistic aspirations through meticulous guidance, training and mentoring to build future-ready skills in the AVGC/IT Industry.

Core Objectives

Providing creative and technology services of high standards to Media and Entertainment Industry.

With an emphasis on leadership, innovation and communication, we create challenging experiences through which students learn how to collaborate, experiment and iterate solutions.

NIETC is simply different, we strive to design experiences that educate, engage and inspire – more focus on entrepreneurship and creating besides working in production studios.

Executive Team